Marbrasa is also concerned with the world around them.

After all, growth is also having and conveying consciousness.

Reforestation of Marbrasa is conducted according to the mining activity and also according to the relevant environmental legislation. The Riparian Forest , which is the native vegetation on the shores of rivers and springs, is also a part of the company's reforestation process. It is also has an extreme importance because it avoids silting up, controlling erosion and preventing flooding, besides providing the maintenance of the aquatic life.

In our quarries there are seedling nurseries built to produce seedlings to be used in the conventional reforestation and in the riparian forests.

The company is under implementation of The Legal Reserve Area in accordance with the Brazilian environmental legislation. These areas are located in Vila Pavão and Colatina, in the quarries of New Venetian Gold and San Gabriel Black, respectively.

The amount and variety of species used in reforestation is what ensures local biodiversity, which plays a key role in the composition of a healthy and balanced ecosystem, keeping the continuity of life.

In addition to that, Marbrasa performs selective collection, which all the waste generated is properly separated and sent to recycling associations to pass on to companies that make the recycling of this waste. This process, as well as, reduces pollution in the environment and generates income for the people involved.

We also perform the correct and ecologically destination for the harmful waste (Class I) through reverse logistics and landfills destination.